Healthcare Council works with legislators on all levels of government on issues of importance to its membership.


On the local level, Healthcare Council works with city, county and other regional government entities and organizations throughout the region. Healthcare Council assists its members with local issues as well. In addition, Healthcare Council works with the region’s County Health Departments and supports their efforts to improve public health throughout western Pennsylvania.


Healthcare Council has strong relationships with state legislators from western Pennsylvania. Healthcare Council supports advocacy efforts on the state level conducted by the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP). Healthcare Council also represents members by providing letters of support, testimony and information to legislators as requested.


Healthcare Council works closely with the western Pennsylvania Congressional delegation and the state Senators on issues of importance to members and those issues that impact the delivery of health care across the continuum in western Pennsylvania. Healthcare Council works with the delegation and their staff members in the region and also in Washington, D.C. Healthcare Council works with both HAP and the American Hospital Association (AHA) on federal advocacy efforts on behalf of western Pennsylvania healthcare providers.