Healthcare Council In the News

Healthcare Council In the News provides links to articles, opinion editorials, editorials and other media postings that feature interviews with Healthcare Council staff members and data from Healthcare Council.

Often, Healthcare Council staff is interviewed for articles and opinion pieces but are not directly quoted in the published piece. Those pieces are also listed in the items below.

April 21, 2014, Pittsburgh Business Times, Observation Case Designation Challenge 

April 15, 2014, Pittsburgh Business Times, Delay of RAC Audits and Appeals 

April 2, 2014, Pittsburgh Business Times, HCWP’s Flash Survey Shows Highmark as Large Payer 

April 2, 2014, Butler Eagle, Enrollment Article

April 1, 2014, Pittsburgh Business Times, Hospital Margins Rise in Western Pennsylvania 

April 1, 2014, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Thousands of Jobs Shed in Pittsburgh’s Region Hospitals

April 1, 2014, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Pittsburgh Area Jobless Rate Falls 

March 29, 2014, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Western Pennsylvania Hospital Profits on Shaky Footing as Obamacare Changes Pend

March, 24, 2014, Butler Eagle, Enrollment Deadline

November 29, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, The Future of Long-Term Care

November 11, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Delay of Surgeries

November 8, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Hospital Financial Picture Predicted to Worsen

October 24, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Financial Squeeze on Hospitals

October 22, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Medical Assistance Reimburesement

October 18, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Hospital Operating Margins Shrink

September 26, 2013 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, HCWP’s Enrollment Briefing

September 18, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Panel on Affordable Care Act

September 6, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Diabetes Center Closes

August 27, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Presumptive Eligibility

 August 18, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Hospital Readmission Rates

August 14,  2o13, Pittsburgh Business Times, Hospitals Facing Financial Challenges

July 21, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Hospital Outsourcing

July 18, 2013, Closure of Obstetrics Unit and Trends

June 18, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Expansion of Medical Assistance

June 13, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Opinion-Editorial on Medicaid Expansion by A.J. Harper

 June 10, 2013, Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, Impact of Federal Funding Cuts

May 18, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Observation Commentary

May 16, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, RAC Audits

May 15, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Four Hospitals Finish in the Red

May 15, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Profits Shrinking at PA Hospitals

May 10, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, UPMC Hiring Growth to Slow

May 10, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Commentary

May 9, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Hospital Charges Can Vary Greatly

lMay 8, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Hospital Financials Deteriorate

April 2, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,  UPMD St. Margaret Opening Observation Unit

March 15, 2013, Pittsburgh Business Times, Health Economists Panel

February 24, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Quint Studer Speaks at HCWP

February 24, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Medication Shortages

 February 22, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, MA Expansion

January 20 2013 Pittsburgh Post Gazette Restored Rural Hospital Funding

January 18, 2013 Pittsburgh Business Times Fiscal Cliff Commentary

January 3 2013 Pittsburgh Business Times Hospitals Face Funding Cuts

December 22, 2013 Pittsburgh Tribune Review Hospital Bad Debt

December 14, 2013 Pittsburgh Business Times Hospital Inpatient Stays

December 5, 2012 Pittsburgh Business Times – Year End Flash Survey

December 6, 2012 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-Charity Care

November 10, 2012 Pittsburgh Tribune Review Medical Malls

November 9, 2012 Pittsburgh Business Times-Impact of Elections

November 4, 2012-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-Bad Debt

October 25, 2012-Pittsburgh Business Times -Medical Malls (full article is available for subscribers)