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Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania

Is a regional trade association representing a continuum of healthcare providers including hospitals, long-term care facilities, long-term acute care providers and specialty hospitals in a 30-county area. Healthcare Council serves as a neutral convening authority for providers across the region and members work collaboratively to address common issues and concerns as well as share best practices.

Healthcare Council staff provides its members with expertise in hospital operations, management, finance, quality, government relations, communications, disaster and emergency preparedness, grant funding, clinical operations, health information management, business development, reimbursement, and governance, among others.

Healthcare Council also partners with more than 65 Allied Members and business partners which support the region’s healthcare providers.

Healthcare Council is a non-profit organization located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania in the Thorn Hill Industrial Park.

Our Mission

Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania is a strategic partner with western Pennsylvania health care providers and affiliated organizations, enabling them to realize their missions while maintaining their status as economically viable entities.


Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania will be the lead voice in creating a system of healthy communities in its membership area.


Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania will be respected for:
  • Responsiveness to its members’ needs
  • Competency and expertise of its staff
  • Quality of the services it delivers
  • Confidentiality of members’ issues and information
  • Credibility and accuracy of its knowledge base
  • Integrity and collaboration in all of its relationships

Meet Our Staff

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals, experts and strategists.
We love what we do to help make the health care industry more economically viable.

Toni Bresnahan – Administrative Executive Assistant
Steve Forest – Coordinator, Data Analysis & Special Projects Associate
Hilary Holes – Community Coordinator, Strategy & Outreach
Mike Newton – Conference Center Coordinator
Natalie Trgovic-Goodwin – Finance Coordinator
Tammy Vacula – Data Analyst & Special Projects Associate